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Biological treatment


Complete product for specific treatment of vegetable, ornamental and indoor plants. These plants need a high quality not necessarily expensive fertilizer, a product containing a high concentration of endospores and bacteria for soil enrichment.

Endospores contribute to the natural plant growth while trichoderma harzanium bacteria provide to the accelerated development of plants, which therefore grow in a biological way.

With a complete package (1 KG) it is possible to treat, on average,

=> 50 m of vegetable garden

=> 25 medium size vegetable plants (bush roses excluded)

Package content

1kg of  organic gross grained fertilizer Engelhart (not soluble in water)

7% N (Nitrogen compounds), 4% P2O5 (Phosphates), 8% K2O (Potassium)

A 25gr package containing  Endomyk Prof, a water soluble product produced from endo-spores (high concentration)

A 5gr package containing five different bacteria useful for the soil and water soluble trichoderma harzianum Bacto Prof

Application advice

The entire product, together with seeds, is usually only once applied to the soil or to the base of the already grafted plants. Little dose of bacteria can be also added to the soil, if this one is poor in nutrients.

Due to an incompatibility with the endospores, it is suggested not apply (neither simultaneously or successively) chemical or synthetic fertilizer or fungicides.

It is also important to reduce the water amount or to extend time intervals between irrigations

It is not possible to use urea or chemical/synthetic products.

When to process the treatment ?

Usually the Ortofaser treatment has to be applied during sowing or planting in order to achieve the best results

The symbiotic relationship between endospores and the plant roots starts immediately.

Avoid product application on frozen plots of land.

Application in horticulture

Already grafted plants

* Pour in a 5 litres watering can the expected product dose, enough for the specified amount of plants or areas.

Example: a garden with various vegetable plants (tomatoes, aubergines, zucchini plants, radicchio, salad, green beans) needs

   1gr of product blend per 2 m        20gr of  fertilizer per 1 m 

* Uniformly distribute the blend on plant bases.

* Uniformly distribute the expected fertilizer dose.

* Irrigate a second time in order to make the product filter the soil and start symbiosis.

For sowing time

* Act as written above, just add seeds and the expected fertilizer dose to the water in the watering can (without the shower).

* Uniformly distribute the blend on the soil

* Irrigate a second time in order to make the product filter the soil and start symbiosis

For vase plant

* If plants are in small squares or vases than let the plant take root in a basic substrate. Remember to submerge the plants for 5-10 seconds in a 30/40 litre can filled with water and the content of the two envelops.

* Stir to ease the dilution of the product

* Let the substrate absorb the blend then place di plants in the soil.

* Keep the blend in constant movement in order to avoid the settling of the product on the bottom of the can.

 Application modality on ornamental plants

Prepare the solution in a small container, mix it for a couple of minutes then pour into a 5 litre watering can the expected product dose (for 10 medium size ornamental plants, 25-30 cm)

   1gr of product blend per 1 plant     

* Uniformly distribute the blend on plant bases (ca. litre per plant)

* Uniformly distribute fertilizer (50-60 gr per plant)

* Irrigate a second time in order to make the product filter the soil and start symbiosis

Important annotations

  Apply the treatment immediately after the opening of the packaging

  In order to preserve the fertilizer it must be well closed.

  Ortofaser blend must be kept out of reach of children and must not be stored together with food.

  Avoid direct solar exposition

  Avoid temperature lower than 5 C

  It is important to reduce the amount of chemical and synthetic fertilizers (up to 50%) or completely avoid their usage.

Not suitable for roses (bushes or plants), Azaleas, Ericas and green areas

For any special needs and further information please consult us !